Date : 17th December, 2017
Reporting time : 6 am
Venue : Aaram Nagar (Versova)

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Rules and Regulations

  • Participants must follow instructions as given from all event officials including race staff, volunteers, medical personnel, fire and police officials, throughout the duration of the event.
  • All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner towards their fellow participants, race officials and spectators during their participation in the event. Alcohol consumption , urinating or defecating in public , participant obstruction anywhere on or near the course shall be strictly prohibited .
  • Every participant shall be provided with an event bib number, which shall be conspicuously worn on the front of the participant’s outermost layer during the event. The event bib number is to be worn as issued. No participant shall be permitted to participate in the event without the appropriate bib number. Make sure it is securely attached.
  • The use of music devices (e.g. iPods), cell phones, cameras or similar devices by participants while in the event is allowed, but participants are asked to use their discretion so as not to disturb other runners.
  • For the safety and enjoyment of all event participants, the courses are restricted to registered runners/walkers, wheelchair division participants and official race personnel only
  • No dogs, no strollers, no baby jogggers, no bikes, no inline skates, no roller skates, and no wheeled vehicles (other than registered wheelchair and official Bike EMS and Patrol Teams) will be allowed in Marathon.
  • The following items are not allowed in the race : Pets , Alcohol, Tobacco , Drugs.
  • Do not share contact details with anyone except the race officials.
  • Medical personnel authorized by the event to do so may examine any participant who appears in distress . If in the sole opinion of authorized medical personnel it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare, medical personnel may discontinue a participant from the event.
  • Only runners who are signed up with a legitimate race number should go through the finish points . Non registered friends must not run through with you- especially children as it could be dangerous with runners sprinting to the finish. They can cheer for you on the side and meet you beyond the finish point. Non-registered runners going through the finish point can result in time recording problems.
  • Do not wait for your friends or children on the track as it will cause a safety hazard.
  • For all Marathon races, participants under 18 years of age must have a statement signed by a parent or legal guardian permitting participation, and should be in good physical condition.
  • Event officials reserve the right to delay, cancel or suspend the race due to inclement weather in accordance with Emergency Protocol on severe emergencies and / or weather.
  • Violation of the rules and regulations of the Marathon will lead to disqualification.
  • I grant permission to all the foregoing to use any photograph, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of their event for any legitimate/ promotional purpose.
I have read and agree with all the rules and regulations.


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