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Our Philosophy

Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri (West) is a co-educational, English-medium school with a rich history of quality initiatives in Education. Our core objectives expound the all-round development of children, so that the values of human dignity and equality are enshrined in their hearts to create a true democratic and secular society. The educational plan follows the ancient wisdom of Confucius:
I hear, I forget
I see, I remember
I do, I understand

It has been our proud tradition to have always cared for the quality of education we provide to our students, and it is our commitment to strive continually towards student-centred learning and stress-free education.

Our Mentor

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

“Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it.”
The above words by our mentor Bal Gangadhar Tilak are a constant source of inspiration and guidance to all of us working at Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri (West).
Integrity comprises of the personal inner sense of ‘wholeness’ deriving from honesty and consistent uprightness of character. A person having the value of integrity will always behave in ways that are in harmony with one’s personal values and will make choices based on what he\she believes in and not what others believe in. Bal Gangadhar Tilak exemplified integrity and we hope that our students will imbibe this value from our mentor and be inspired by him to work with dignity, to shape the destiny of our nation as citizens of tommorow.


Since 1988...
A history of Innovation in Education!

  • Worksheets: a novel system of programmed learning
  • Experiential and exploratory play-way methods in the formative years
  • Activity based competence development with Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Information and Communications Technology as a core subject
  • “No competition” for students below the age of 10 years
  • 100% student participation in school events
  • Life Skills and Personal Safety Education programme for all students
  • In-house Counselling and Remediation facilities for students
  • Career Awareness and Vocational Guidance facilities
  • Gurukul Skylights and Anubhuti – Workshops for parents and students
  • BCG Centre for Educational Design and Publishing – an exclusive centre to manage curricular material and development.
  • Department of Human Resource Development
  • It is always our endeavour to develop excellence in behaviour and academics in all our students!

Our students stand out distinctly for their knowledge, attitude, and skills. As our alumnus once said:

“You can take a student out of BCG,
but you can never take BCG out of the student.”

School Co-ordination Committee

The committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the school processes. They execute the policies and directives of the Management. They guide the staff to bring about academic and behavioural excellence. They ensure the implementation of the mission and vision of the school, effectively and efficiently. They regularly interact with parents to build a lasting partnership between the school and parents

The members of the School Co-ordination Committee are -

  • Principal : Ms. Poonam Arora
  • Head Secondary : Ms. Aarti Khan
  • Head Primary : Ms. Srijata Mallick
  • Head Kindergarten :  Ms.Tasneem Khan
  • Head-BCG Centre for CARE : Ms. Rohini Ajaykumar
  • School Manager : Ms. Savita Parab

The administrative faculty meets regularly to plan and review administrative and academic issues. It is here that existing methods and structures are brought up for review and practices are explored to ensure alignment to the Gurukul policy.

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the new academic year 2017-18!
The last year has been very eventful with many new things happening for students and parents. Let me first offer my congratulations to all of us for so many things!
As of 2017, the Child Protection Policy of our school is ready for implementation! Our entire staff is with us in this effort to keep our children safe. Each year the school will offer a session on “Together for Child Safety” for those parents who have newly joined our family, and for those who missed it for various reasons. We are grateful to all of you for having so sincerely supported the use of parent ID at the gates, and following the Minimum Standards of Protection guidelines in school.

Our school is now certified for the International Organization of Standards (ISO) for meeting quality standard requirements stated in the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The auditors were very impressed by the level of parent participation and the warm feedback given to us by parents through email, letters, and feedback sheets.
We look forward to the same from you this year The Student Council of the school has drafted the Anti-Bullying policy for the student body, and they deserve appreciation for their effort and commitment. The new Student Council is ready to take forward the project of creating a positive school environment from the Council of 16-17, and have resolved to take it to the next level by involving all students to show respect, care, and support for each other. As parents, we would like you to guide your child at home for appropriate behaviours in school, on the bus, and when outside. Teach them to respect differences and be accepting of diversity. With each child who has learned this, we can have the best school environment for all children. Our third batch of IGCSE students has appeared for the examination with the Cambridge International Examination Board and have done extremely well. We are very proud of them and of our teachers who have done a wonderful job with them, right from pre-school. With your support and blessings, we aim to take our students to even higher levels of achievement, so that they can make their mark on the global map.
The PACE (Personal Awareness and Career Explorations) programme took off successfully, and our students from class 6 to class 10 spent time exploring their own strengths and challenges, their aptitudes and interests, and we are confident they will emerge clear and focused in the career choices they make in life. Here at the school, we have always promoted participation so that students can be introduced to their own particular unique abilities, and the PACE programme has further enhanced student awareness in the right direction.
Lastly, the GRASP (Global Responsiveness and Safety Programme) project has successfully integrated the life-skills, value education, and personal safety programme. The curriculum drafted by the teachers who observe and identify the guidance our students need, and spearheaded by the School Coordination Committee, is ready to live up to the mission and vision that the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul has for its students. With this, we hope to build in our students an attitude of concern for their environment, skills to take care of themselves, and the ability to understand the future challenges that they will face in their adult life.
Every new year fills us with enthusiasm and renewed energy to give our students the best environment to learn, to help them discover their own uniqueness, and to instill in them the confidence that they are valued. As we take a step forward to becoming global citizens, and become a part of the larger sphere of humanity, we thank you again for your support and encouragement in walking with us shoulder to shoulder, in this journey of Education.
Thank you!
With warm regards,
Ms. Poonam Arora

Statement Of Establishment

Founded as Bombay Cambridge School in 1988, Bombay Cambridge International School, Andheri-West is a co-educational K-10 English Medium school. It offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum from Primary to IGCSE.

Core Values

Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunities and pave the way for future success, both in higher education and professionally; however, we believe a value-based, international education is of equal importance.
Our values-driven international education is expressed through core values which are woven into every academic and extra curricular activity at BCIS school. We live and breathe four values that form the basis of everything we do.


Courage means doing something even though you may be afraid. Being courageous requires you to have faith in yourself, believe that you can do it - all it needs is for you to take that first step. Courage is defined as strength or bravery in the face of fear or pain. To be fair, to be true and to have faith in the unseen indicates a strength of character, and the courageous build character through being honest, defending what is good and right, and by caring enough to act.


Integrity means that you are true to yourself, you keep your word, you always try to do what is right; you can be trusted and depended on at all times. It is the quality of being whole or unified. The self of a person is made up of his/her experiences, emotions, intellect and interpretations. The integration of all these, to result in a learning that moves from the natural to the social to the spiritual is integrity.


Sensitivity is to understand how we affect other people with our speech and behaviour. A sensitive person is aware of and concerned about the feelings of others. Sensitivity is the unfolding of human potential, as an awareness of the self and its relationship with the environment are realized. The consciousness of giving and receiving in the environment as a natural act of responsibility is the essence of sensitivity.


Reason is the base of all human thinking and action. Reason tells us the origin of any event, it lets us understand why things are the way they are. When we are able to do this, we are better prepared to act with courage and sensitivity in all situations we face. Reason helps us to use information in a way that increases our learning of ourselves and our interactions with our environment. Reason is the quality of integrating perceptions and intellect into meaningful and objective knowledge. Reason is the ability to go beyond one's human-ness to understand the world around us as it is.

Guiding Philosophy

‘Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktye’. We firmly believe and practice that knowledge is one that liberates and the true purpose of education is the liberation of mind in all aspects. Education should help us to live life that is inclusive and compassionate, and be aware of our responsibility to this planet . Education should help us comprehend the role we play in the vast design of the universe and the beauty of our relationship with it.

Quality Policy

The school staff will consistently:

  • maintain high performance standards
  • align its actions and practices to the school's vision and mission statement
  • strive to enhance facilities and opportunities for students
  • meet quality objectives and work towards continual improvement, in compliance with the policies of the Management and the educational authorities.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Bombay Cambridge International School, will provide for students a dynamic learning environment that is reflective, sensitive, and empowering; and is committed to developing excellence in academics and behaviour.

Our Vision

To develop individuals who are sensitive and resilient, able to navigate life with compassion, objectivity, and equanimity; and who will always seek to generate solutions to create a healthy and harmonious society.



The BCG Centre for Educational Design and Publishing : design the school’s worksheets and curricular material, educational plan, and value-added services for students, teachers, and parents. The Department of Human Resource Development make continual upgrades in the system, plan for growth and innovation, and ensure the school culture and environment stay sensitive to the needs of students. They, along with the CEO, provide consults to various prestigious educational, social, and government organizations and forums.



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